BOOK TOUR STOP x LOVE BOOKS TOURS - The Broken Pane by Charlie Roy


"The Afternoon light fractured through the broken lower pane in the glass kitchen door."

The Broken Pane is about loss and family when families are broken. Finding yourself in the pieces of memory. About a young woman and her search for answers.

In her early twenties, Tam rushes to her childhood flat only to be confronted by a tragic discovery. Anchored by the weight of family lore, she struggles to come to terms with her loss. As her life spirals, she sets off to find the one person who may hold the answers: her mother.

Tam’s travels take her far from a home which was more broken than she had ever realised.

Walking the line between reliable memory and unreliable narrator, Charlie Roy’s debut novel invites you to consider whether you are shaped by your past ― or if you shape your past yourself?

The Broken Pane is a striking debut, in that no-mans land somewhere between hope and despair. As we go on a journey of self-discovery with Tam, we look back into her past and how it might not be exactly what she'd thought. Raising thought-provoking questions about family, about loss and love -  this is the type of story to make you think. 

Deeply emotional and moving, this character driven tale has a hard-hitting intensity and power that leaves the reader reeling. Told from multiple timelines, everything slowly comes together like a living, moving tapestry slowly taking form in front of the readers eyes.

Despite the heavy subject matter, there was such an easy flow to the writing that made it so  absorbing and I soon found myself running out of pages. I definitely can't wait to see where Roy goes next on her literary journey. 

"Once everything has been said and done, stories were all that were left"

Content warnings: This book contains sensitive subjects including depression, suicide, self-harm, abuse, relationship breakdown and grief. 

About the Author: 

Debut novelist Charlie Roy is the author of THE BROKEN  PANE. A well-known face on the Scottish poetry scene,  Charlie has performed at the BBC Slam, the Edinburgh  International Book Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. In  prose as in poetry, her work focuses on women’s lives,  mental health and family.  

Charlie was born in London and grew up in Spain,  eventually trading the sunshine for Scottish wind,  making Edinburgh home. She drinks too much coffee  and loves long beach walks with her labradoodle. 

Thank you to Charlie Roy, Leamington Books and Love Books Tours for inviting me to take part in this tour. I was gifted an advanced reviewers copy of this title in return for an honest review.

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